CapsLock Indicator

CapsLock Indicator

CapsLock Indicator is a small utility that indicates the state of the Num lock, Caps lock and Scroll lock key.



CapsLock Indicator is open source freeware. You can use it whereever you like, without any cost whatsoever. Currently it only supports Microsoft Windows (Win7 or later, .NET 4.5).

The latest version is ....

[Download latest release]

Planned features

I am planning to add the following features to CapsLock Indicator in the future.

  • Allow the user to customise the colour scheme(Added in Version and animation of the notification
  • Allow the application to automatically hide on startup(Added in Version
  • Create an auto-updater(Added in Version
  • Allow the user to change the tray icons to custom ones
  • Create a Direct3D Hook to display the overlay in fullscreen DirectX applications

The above list may vary and update over the time.


If you have found a bug, please open an issue at GitHub. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me. Please make sure to include a meaningful subject. Alternatively you can use my email address: cli [at] jonaskohl [dot] de.

This software is now available on Softpedia

CapsLock Indicator is now available on Softpedia!

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